The Crunch Poetry Podcast

The Crunch is a multimedia poetry magazine. Each issue features a single poet, who has three of their poems filmed and uploaded to our video archive, and joins us for a short podcast. Concerned with neither bibliography nor honour roll, The Crunch instead focuses on writing that promotes discussion and broadens horizons.
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Dec 10, 2018

Mari Ellis Dunning joins The Crunch to discuss the writing of Salacia, a debut collection brimming with voices. Some of these voices belong to the poet, others are heard through her. See the full issue at

Aug 19, 2018

Emily Blewitt joins The Crunch to discuss how poetry can help to break down the conspiracy of silence that surrounds sexual abuse. See the full issue at

May 5, 2018

clare e. potter joins The Crunch to discuss the writing of her second poetry collection, and how a crisis of confidence has seen progress on it stall. See the full issue at

Dec 4, 2017

Rhys Milsom joins The Crunch to discuss the craft of writing poetry, explaining how his slightly unusual writing techniques allow him to cut the crop and work with the stem. See the full issue at

Jun 7, 2017

Christopher Cornwell joins The Crunch to discuss the writing, formatting and publishing of poetry, and also to talk about his debut collection 'Ergasy', due to be published by The Lonely Press in 2017. See the full issue at

Dec 19, 2016

Poet and editor Rebecca Parfitt joins The Crunch to discuss her debut collection The Days After, due to be published by Listen Softly London in 2017. See the full issue at

Oct 2, 2016

Natalie Ann Holborow joins The Crunch to discuss writing in collaboration, the process of submitting to literary magazines and awards, and her forthcoming debut poetry collection. See the full issue at

Jun 11, 2016

Alan Kellermann joins The Crunch to discuss the writing, editing, teaching and performance of poetry. See the full issue at

Nov 15, 2015

Nia Davies joins The Crunch to discuss her forthcoming publication: a poetry sequence where the poems take their titles from the English translations of long words in other languages. See the full issue at

Oct 3, 2015

Ian Gregson joins The Crunch to discuss his work, influences and the temperature of contemporary poetry. See the full issue at

Oct 3, 2015

An introduction to The Crunch poetry project from hosts Adam Sillman, Rhys Owain Williams and Richard James Jones. See the full issue at